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"Keep your heels, head and standards high" ~ Coco Chanel

I woke up and I was in my 50's.  I had no idea how I got here so fast. They say time fly's when you are having fun, but time also fly's when you're not paying attention.  And for 30 yrs my attention was on my home, my children, and building my business. There was little or no time left for me. And the amount of guilt I'd feel if I did take time for me stopped me from doing it.

My name is Lisa. I rarely state my name out loud as many call me "Mom" or as I'm known in my professional life and business, MsLisaM. And I've counseled thousands with psychic readings (though, I hate that word, as I'm an empath not a psychic - psychic has such a horrible connotation, and I will write more about that later), but for now I'm on a quest to live the second half of my life with passion and joy.  I am sick of feeling "meh" and I don't want my age, or my health issues to stop me from doing all I've dreamed of doing. I'm one of those motivational speakers who is getting ready to boost myself up now and change direction.


Raising 4 children wasn't easy. In fact, there were times I wanted to enroll in the witness relocation program just to take a vacation from it.  However, they wouldn't let me in the program and I had to find other way's to "escape".  Many of those escapes were in the form of creating and/or learning.  I used meditation and yoga to assist in clearing my mind, which led to other avenues of interest and before I knew it I was pouring candles, making bath bombs, and combining my professional business of coaching with my form of escape, candles.  

I don't know anyone who doesn't love a candle. Nor do I know anyone who doesn't need a break from time to time. I, for one, am no  longer the girl I was when I first became a mother. I'm so much wiser, and so much more patient than then, and the dreams that 20 yr old girl had are still there waiting to be experienced and accomplished. And, now at 54, I have even more dreams and goals. 

This blog is a journey for me. I'm just starting on it. I have a lot of obstacles in front of me and I won't lie, I'm terrified.  I suffer from Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Adrenal Fatigue & Anxiety. These things have crippled me at one time or another. I'm severely underweight and struggled with this my whole life. Those who wish they were "skinny"'t.  I'll take you along with me and you get a behind the scene look at what I go through because of this. It's not fun. And, it's not exaggerated. 

You will be here when I struggle with figuring out my role as a grandmother and letting my kids go and live their lives on THEIR terms, even if I disagree. You will be here for my diagnosis from biopsies on a nodule that is the size of a walnut on my thyroid and the countless times I'm in the ER with thyroid storms, adrenal issues, and pneumonia.  I will share the struggles with being an only child with an elderly parent, and the emotions that go with that, along with the guilt of living in another state from from her.  I will be raw and candid. Not because I want a pity party or a place to be annoying publicly. No!  I'm doing all this online to show you that if I can face the challenges and come out on top, follow my dreams and even dare to dream, reach my goals and aim higher instead of settling, and manifest every fucking thing I want, THEN YOU CAN TOO. I'm going to show you it doesn't take money, a partner, or anything other than will, want and determination.  

I really hope you know this isn't easy for me to do. Posting pics when I'm not real secure with myself, but I feel the only way to do this is naked and raw! So here goes nothing....

Blessings, Lisa 

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